Roses In Her Cheeks


I would like to say I write for me, but there are some seriously petty.. and genuine reasons  as to why I share my writing. I write to spite those who have wronged me by saying just enough to indirectly call them out. I write because I simply dislike ignorant people.  And we all know that knowledge is power. I write for the lonely, suicidal, depressed people who just need to find comfort in knowing we are not alone... sometimes. I write because I want to be heard. I've always feel like I am screaming at the top of my lungs and yet no one gets finds what I say significant. And finally, I write because - why not?
​About Me​​

Psychiatrists say that I am a normal and just think too much. Therapists say that I have borderline tendencies. Most people just throw me in the category of a young girl with no life experience. I guess I only have this about me section because I needed this page to look symmetrical…